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Easy Server Game Words

My Plugin Unity

Easy Server Game Words

An easy package for multiplaying simple games such as words, etc. using NodeJs The two users are connected at random And they compete together

The user who gets the most points at the desired time wins
Has the following capabilities:
-matchmaking End of the game by the server
-Time for each match
-Send your information to the opponent and receive it Data exchange such as points or stickers And....
Pay attention to the important points before buying
- This package is written only for 1 on 1 games
- It has a lot of customization and you can easily edit it ... (requires a little nodejs programming knowledge)
- It is very easy and you can easily implement the multiplayer part of your game
- To run the server, you can use Windows nodejs or vps hosts ...

link asset: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/slug/186805

You can contact me by email to send any questions
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