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New Words Complete Game (Competitive)

My Plugin Unity

New Words Complete Game (Competitive)

This source code is a complete game where payment within the app and admob advertising is not implemented. You have to enter it. The style of the game is a new style in the style of the game Scramble, which is made only of an Iranian sample of this game. It has not yet been released on Google Play

Tips before buying:
In-app payments and the admob advertising system have not been implemented.

1. A new style in word games 2. Completely competitive and exciting 3. Reverse timer system like Clash Royal by counting the crowd 4. Professional guidance system 5. Store section (of course, need to implement Google Polly payment) 6. Share the virtual group pages 7. System of online privileges 8. Very functional and easy dialog 9. Fix the resolution of the game on different phones 10. Extreme excitement with sound by now 11.A beautiful scene changer that can be used in other projects 12.Do not get repetitive words and remove any word after responding to that word in each 13.Daily bonus system

This package is optimized for both mobile Platform Android _ IOS _ systems And pc .

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